Downtown Alley Project

The City of Glenwood Springs’ alleys are an important, yet underutilized part of the City’s downtown pedestrian-friendly street network. Beautification and improvement of the downtown alley system is an objective of the DDA. The purpose of this strategy is to identify ways to improve downtown alleys for pedestrian and business access and to address impediments to their usage by pedestrians. Unlocking the potential of the City’s alley system is part of the DDA’s overarching vision to vitalize and energize downtown Glenwood Springs and to maintain the downtown’s role as the heart of the community. The recommendations provided support the following long-term DDA goals:

  1. Provide inviting, active places to foster social interaction with paving, benches, signage, lighting and color;
  2. Attract more pedestrian activity with inviting alleys, street-scape connections and plazas.
  3. Consolidating waste service and collection; and 
  4. Making physical and aesthetic improvements to improve safety and utility of the alley network.

This is the first alley to be completed between 7th and 8th and Grand and Colorado streets. The City and the DDA are working on a trash consolidation plan to continue to beautify and enhance the downtown expereince are to follow as shown on the map below.