Our Board

Glenwood Springs community members currently serving on the Downtown Development Authority board.

Glenwood Springs Downtown Development Authority

Meet the DDA Board Members

Jillian Sutherland
Executive Director

Kevin Brady
Appointed: 06/2019
Term Expires: 06/2023

Kurt Carruth
Appointed: 06/2016, 08/2020
Term Expires: 06/2024

Kevin Flohr
Appointed: 12/2022 (to fill)
Term Expires: 06/2024

Paula Gorra
Appointed: 09/2023 (to fill)
Term Expires: 06/2026

Chad Lee – Board President
Appointed: 06/2017, 07/2021
Term Expires: 06/2025

Appointed: 06/2022
Term Expires: 06/2026

Shelley La Due Fishbein
Appointed: 06/2022
Term Expires 06/2026

Charlie Willman
Appointed: 09/2023
Term Expires 09/2027

Council Liaisons
Marco Dehm

Mitchell Weimer (Alternate)